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Avenir knows people and businesses today want to be able to see quickly and easily how their web site is working for them. All of the web sites we host at Avenir include web site statistics.

Our Stats Server software is a very easy to use, web-based tracking program that allows you, the end user, to login with a password to view information about your site. You can track information such as who is visiting your site, how long they stay on different pages, what search engines might have referred people to you along with a host of other information. You can view information on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, as the server information is updated every hour.

Many people use this information to help with the revamping of their site or for marketing information. When redesigning your site, you can see for the past year what areas of your site have had the most traffic. These would be areas that you may want to have more information about than the areas that aren't getting a lot of traffic.

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