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What is a dynamic web page?

A dynamic web page is one that is different (or at least can be) every time you access it. An example of a simple dynamic page is one that displays the words "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", or "Good Evening", depending on the time registered on the host server. A more advanced dynamic page could get it's content from a database. For instance, a database might contain a list of products. A dynamic web page "talks" to the database to get the list of products. When the list changes, the web page changes.

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content in a web site is information that displays conditionally based on environmental factors such as, search terms a site visitor entered in a search form, the date, a site visitor's log-in status, the last place visited, the answers to survey questions, the results of a calculation or group of calculations, the type of computer a site visitor is using, or the network address from which the site vistor is accessing your site, and the list goes on. To get the most from your web site investment, it has to serve your visitors by responding to their needs and requests. We recommend dynamic content to all of our web site clients.

What makes a web site interactive?

By combining flexible data sources, innovative programming, and creative process architecture, we can build a site that will interact with your customers rather than just display static words and pictures in front of them. Interaction occurs when the web site reponds to user input with customized information or actions. Web users are becomming used to interacting with web sites and are beginning to expect a certain amount of service and convenience when they use the web. If your site does not provide any interactivity, then you may not be serving your site visitors as well as you can, and you may not be sending them the most advantageous message either. Since we use rapid application development techniques, building interactive and dynamic content features into a web site is not as expensive as you may expect. Contact us to find out what your site can do.

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