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What is a database driven web site?
It is a web site that draws its content from a backend database.

Why is this important?
Since much of a database driven web site's information comes from a backend database, when you change the information in the database, it will be reflected on the site immediately!

Since this gives our customers the ability to make small updates and changes in their web site's information with ease, updates are handled quickly. Avenir builds the structure: you make the updates. This method will cut costs for your business. Some traditional web site development companies require their customers to submit changes to them. We believe if you have a technical staff with the ability to make the changes via a database, this is the way to go. The faster your information reaches the public, the better.

A database-driven site is one that gets its content from a database. A simple example might be a database that has a table of daily "facts". A database-driven page for such a table might have a line of code that tells the server to get the "fact" for the current date. The server retrieves the "fact of the day" and displays it on a web page. Database-driven sites are very easy to maintain. Instead of having to learn html or some web scripting language, a database-driven site requires only that you add, delete, or modify records in the database. Since the web pages get their content from the database, the content changes as the database changes.

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