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A virtual private network ( or VPN ) uses an available and inexpensive but untrusted 3rd party network ( typically the Internet ) to securely connect two or more remote locations. As geographic distances increase and the cost of leased lines become prohibitive, VPNs can become the best way to keep your business connected. VPNs can also be used to secure endemically insecure wireless mediums from 'drive-by hacking', or to protect the most sensitive of data in transit across leased frame-relay or ATM circuits.

Avenir's VPNs use public-key cryptography to securely identify remote-nodes allowing 24/7 uptime even in the event that one or more endpoints have dynamic ( ever-changing ) ip addresses. Any form of IP traffic can then be routed through a fast symmetric-cipher that checksums all packets, randomizes sequence numbers and socketpairs, and negotiates new cipher-keys every minute to prevent 'Man-in-the-Middle' and replay attacks.

The end result is transparent to the end user. Traffic is routed securely between private subnets, and trusted-network services like Windows File Sharing, NFS, and WINNT domain and terminal services can be shared with machines and networks thousands of miles away.

Whether the underlying transport mechanism is T1, RF-link, consumer DSL or cablemodem, if you have two or more route-able ( though not necessarily static ) ip addresses, Avenir Solutions can custom-build connectivity solutions for inventory control, remote-database synchronization, telecommuting concentrators, or whatever your business requires.

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