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Avenir Solutions' networking staff honed their skills in the trenches of local ISP's and Wall Street DayTrading rooms. Our business is our network, but even if your network plays only a supporting role in your enterprise, you stand to benefit from our hard-earned experience and skill.

Our areas of expertise include network architecture and topology, IP-routing, Network-Address Translation, Virtual-Private-Networking, firewalls, transparent bridges, LAN segmentation, WAN connectivity, BGP4, dial-ups, RAS, DNS, mail, DHCP, network backup and storage.

Our professionals are OS-Agnostic and practical. We cannot afford to tie our fortunes to any particular OS or equipment vendor, and instead focus on understanding the underlying problems and building solutions that satisfy our stringent requirements for security, uptime, and performance.

Money alone does not buy a secure and robust network infrastructure, and a secure and robust network does not have to cost a lot of money. We do not sell networking equipment or software and we have no incentive to lock you into any particular vendor or provider.

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