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Over the last 25 years internet mail has grown out of the niche of universities and research labs that incubated it, to claim the status of business oxygen, as vital as a dial-tone or electric light, and too often taken for granted.

Down time means loss of information, loss of business, and loss of credibility. The explosion of internet connectivity and usage has strained mail protocols designed for the kinder, gentler internet of '80s bulletin boards and USENET groups. Retrograde scammers and flim-flam artists con vulnerable mail-servers into spewing their junk and spam ad-nauseum to mail-boxes across the world, using somebody elses disks and somebody elses bandwidth, perhaps yours. Dumb and virulent viruses use every bolt-hole and gap in the Windows world to propagate themselves at exponential rates, wreaking havoc or at the very least annoyance, on your business processes, relationships and data.

Avenir Solutions maintains over 5000 mail-boxes, and our staff has been fighting the battles in the jungle of todays internet since 1996. We specialize in ISP-grade UNIX mail-systems that satisfy our own substantial requirements for reliability, security and throughput, and give us the flexibility to adapt our systems to an everchanging landscape.

If your mail is important to you, Avenir Solutions can help. If you need help filtering unwanted email or if you suspect that someone may be exploiting your mail-server to relay spam, Avenir can help. If you want to stop virus-laden mail, inbound or outbound, at the perimeter of your network, we've built the solutions. If the mail can't stop even when servers crash and lines go down, you need to talk to us. Wether you need a custom-built solution, guidance in fortifying your current infrastructure, or help understanding the subtle 'gotchas' and caveats of internet mail, Avenir has the experience, insight, and technology to deliver in rain, sleet, or snow.

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